The Zala County Court registered the First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation on December 28, 2004 under registration number 949/2004.

Goal of the Foundation:
Protecting the European cultural and technical heritage with special attention to the remaining examples of Hungarian radio manufacturing; creating and maintaining a virtual as well as an actual radio museum.
All this is important in light of dying values and the fact that from 1930’s until the specialization of the ill-famed COMECON in 1962, Hungary was a radio manufacturing center, its products were well-known and popular even in South-america. Despite these facts there is still no serious permanent exhibition or radio museum in Hungary.
The Foundation got a "public benefit" designation.

The activites of the Foundation which are of public benefit according to the law No. 46 1997 , 26. § point c):
- Scientific work, research
- Education, skill building, awareness raising
- Protection of cultural heritage

Founder, Mrs. Györgyné Kosa selected members of the board who can provide a professional approach and high quality professional work while guarantee that the foundation’s goals will be met.

Members of the Board:

Mr. Lajos Tombi, engineer
Mr. János Tóth, director of the Hungarian Oil Industry Museum
Mr. Sándor Selyem Tóth, electrical engineer, founder of the Association of Hungarian Radio Collectors, radio collector

The Foundation can only reach its goals of course with appropriate help and support.In the first instance the Foundation requires the following:

- cash contributions(bank account:10104961-62858300-01002005)
- Publications related to Radio (old books, newspapers, advertisements, etc.)
- Real estate appropriate for a permanent exhibition, or possibility for long-term use.
- Website design, maintenance, broadband internet connection, computer

Zalaegerszeg, December 28,

Sándor Selyem Tóth
Chairman of the Board