Radios in Philately

Besides appearing on labels of matches, the radio, the radio-production and the broadcasting are also important features of philately. As I am not a philatelist, I would like to apologize well in advance from the specialists for the promiscuous mistakes. However I managed to collect some examples of the things mentioned in the title which I would like to make it available to everyone hereby. So, as far as I know, in philately there can be found three various appearances of radio. The first and maybe the most well-known appearance is on stamps, or on stamp-receipts where significant anniversaries and inventions were recorded. The second appearance is on postcards for advertisement and on other various picture postcards and maybe on stamps used for closing letters. On these a special product or brand were advertised. Last but not least we should mention the stamp-advertisements which had similar aim as the previous one. Below you can find some examples of these. I would like to emphasize the scout postcard from 1926 and the street picture of Szabadka with Orion service and the advertisement for Tungsram Chripton bulb. With all these I would like to encourage the specialists to collect thematically since philately can become an important part of radio-collection. However, let me note that taking into consideration all the above mentioned things, it would be very strange if the radio- one of the best inventions of the previous century – were not presented on serviettes.

Zalaegerszeg, March 2007
Selyem Tóth Sándor