Radio news in the
MAFIRT and in the Hungarian World News from 1926

The Hungarian National Film Archives (NAVA) preserved a lot of television news concerning radios. Hereby can be found some issues picked and chosen for your interest.
The First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation ordered from this list the seemingly most interesting news spots, altogether 22 TV news from 1926 until the 1960s. The last broadcast should have been the news regarding the printed circuit of the AR series from the ORION factory but this issue could not be found in the archives. However you can be reimbursed by a similar report on the radio Tünde (with the same technology) or by a previous spot on the radio Sonett.
According to the copyrights the projection is allowed within the frames of our organizations (the Foundation and the Association of Radio Collectors), so the members shall be hopefully able to watch the 34 minutes long film in the Spring of 2009.
It was not possible to check the content of some (e.g. exhibitions, fairs) matters so some pieces of news and information can occur, which are not related to radios. The TV report on the cathode ray tube production of Tungsram in Nagykanizsa is missing, but there is an additional report on the TV production of Vadásztölténygyár.
Certainly this enumeration cannot be comprehensive but contains most of the available (public) matters of that period indeed. The further processing or the publishing by the Association of Radio Collectors on DVD could be a very important moment embalming the radio related heritage however by reading the list, it can be realised what treasures are around us which are perhaps not yet known.
(The underlined news below are available to watch.)

- Radio exhibition in Budapest
- National Radio Exhibition
- The construction of the most modern radio transmitting station in Lakihegy
- Count Georg von Arco Dr. director of Telefunken Company about the construction of the new radio transmitting station in Lakihegy
- The commission of the new radio transmitting station in Lakihegy
- Budapest International Fair
- The new Radio Studio in the Sándor Street near completion
- The first radiotrain of the world started from Budapest
- Animal voices in the radio. The rehearsal before the outside broadcasting of the Hungarian Broadcasting Corporation.
- The handover of the public safety broadcasting system in the policemen residential district in Fehérvári Street.
- The members of the International Broadcasting Union visiting the transmitting station in Lakihegy
- The radio traders at the St. Steven's Day Exhibiton about the transmitting station in Lakihegy
- The electronic clock towers of the Hungarian Telephone News and Broadcasting Corp. in Debrecen
- The factory startup ceremony of the VATEA Radiotechonology and Electric Corp.

- Telephone News in hospitals in Budapest

- The new Austrian invention: the speaking machine with paper tape
- The ribbon cutting ceremony of the new studio in the HQ of the Hungarian Brodcasting Corp.
- Radio Exhibition in Geneva
- New radiostation in Pécs

- The handover ceremony of the relay station in Mosonmagyaróvár

- Completion of the new transmitting station in Lakihegy
- The campaign speech of Hitler on radio
- Radio car across the country monitoring the receiving conditions
- Hungarian Radio Week and Radio Exhibition
- Report on the Radio Week
- The Intenational Fair is closed
- Amateur hunting contest of the „Rádióélet” near Budapest
- Fire in the German Broadcasting studio
- The Hungarian pavilion in the exhibition in Vienna
- Radio broadcasting from Budapest to England
- 10th anniversary of the Hungarian Broadcasting

- Jubilee of the Hungarian radio industry

- The new 280 m high antenne of the Prague radio station
- Radio equipped new US army tanks
- Hungarian exhibition on the Belgrad Fair
- The transmitting station in Lakihegy
- 500.000 broadcast subscribers
- 600.000 broadcast subscribers
- Brother-in-arms radio service
- Grand opening of the Budapest International Fair
- 50th anniversary of the Budapest Telephone News

- The important product of the worldwide famous Hungarian electronic industry: the radio tube
- The new 50 kW transmitting statation in Lakihegy

- The ribbon cutting ceremony of the big radio transmitter
- Petőfi Radio (New broadcasting studio in Balatonszabadi)
- 30th annyiversary of the Hungarian Broadcasting Corp.
- Radio exhibition in Yugoslavia
- Pocket radio Sonett (hungarian models in the Budapest Industrial Fair)
- TV production in the Vadásztölténygyár
- New tranzistor radio (Tünde)
- Coj-hen-gen in the Telefongyár
- Radio with printed circuit (AR serial at the Orion)
- Radio instrument (Patent of Zoltan Papp technician)
- 25th anniversary of the radio transmitting station
- 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Broadcasting Corp.

Zalaegerszeg, February 2009

Sándor Selyem Tóth
First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation