Some Words and Data about Standard Pertrix and its Renewal

I got a radio two-three years ago in a very bad condition (see picture) which stems from the 1930’s.
I was trying to find something out about it but I was not able to identify the type and left it for a while in a not so close „warehouse” of mine. In the Fall a colleague asked me if I had any „unwanted” radios from this period and I was embarrassed for not being able to tell him what type it was. It looked very much like the Standard 2x and a little like Princ, but there were many radios manufactured at the time that were similar, standing radios – and as the Ingelen ad shows it was in fashion in Austria.

Of course there is the radio listserv and the digital camera which help solve the mystery. Our friend, Lajos Szécsényi knew the type and recognized it right away, and informed me that there was a copy of this rare radio set in a museum in Berlin (Deutsches Rundfunk-Museum) and could be seen on their website ( Their copy- according to evaluation of the museum - was made in 1937 with Tungsram tubes (TKC1 and two TKDD 2 – the „T” sign was only in use for one or two years) by the anode, heating and battery cell factory owned by Varta. In the meantime we found out from a 1936/37 Belgrader price list that the set existed from 1936 (see the price list on the photo) – which coincides with the information that these 2V tubes started to be manufactured in 1936.

The most important data of the radio are the following:

- Connection system: single circuit receiver
- Tubes: 1 KC 1 and 2 KDD 2
- Waveband: MW 200-600m, LW 800-2000m
- Speaker: reed speaker (Freischwinger)
- Batteries: heating 2 V, anode 90/120V
- Size: 35×45×25 cm

The radio had several major problems, so the renewal is only partial, since the chassis is missing (except for the scale system). This rare set looks perfect from the outside so I do hope that I can find a shuffle for it. Let the pictures speak for themselves- before and after renewal. Thanks to Janos Jordanits from Gyor for the buttons and others for other help. With the replacement of the emblem (painted and sprayed) Mr. Reinhard Exner provided help from the Berlin Museum.
Due to his help I can provide one or two emblems for people who find a Pertrix by chance ( I also have couple of patterns from the sun-ray one).