Two Interesting Documents about the
Author of Hungarian Radio „Bible”

Geza Kadar needs no introduction among Hungarian radio collectors but his popularity goes far beyond our borders. In our April edition Dénes B. Balás a collector from Kunszentmiklos made an excellent summary of his work, increasing the dismally low number of resources about our „Bible” author.
I am presenting two documents below that come from the bequest of Jozsef Kovacs radio- and TV repairman. At the same time many thanks to Istvan Sandl, a fellow collector, who saved these from perishing. One of the documents is from May 1964, in which he dedicated his book to a colleague in Zalaegerszeg, the other is a professional assistance provided on an issue important at the time – receiving Austrian TV channels. This letter is also dear to us since Geza Kadar also talks about personal stuff, so I believe it will be interesting for all of us. Among other things we can learn that he could only buy a car from a winning he made.

May 2006, Zalaegerszeg

Selyem Tóth Sándor